Our New Beer – Copper

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Our New Beer – Copper

Our New Beer – Copper

  • Our New Beer – Copper

There’s nothing more exciting than working on a new recipe down at our brewhouse.

It can take weeks to achieve the perfect balance of flavours - and we reckon we’ve done just that with our amazing new ale.

The latest addition to our amazing stable of beers is a limited edition and we only have a very limited number of casks.

We agonised over the name and pump clip for hours; this kind of stuff’s really important in the beer world, you know!!

In the end, we decided on a combination which perfectly summed up the beer’s appearance. Think what colour real ales tend to be, picture the long arm of the law and you might be somewhere near.

That’s right - we’ve decided to call it Copper, and there’s a great picture of a police officer which will adorn beer pumps in pubs across the north west and maybe beyond.

With Copper now a part - albeit a temporary one - of our hop-fuelled stable of ales here at Stringers, we now have 13 different brews on offer.

There’s actually a waiting list for some of them as the popularity of the brewery and its beers really soars (take a bow the stringer team).

Copper is available on pre-order and due to its seasonal nature, supplies are very limited

Back to Copper and it seems only right we should give the final word to our head brewer Jon Kyme - master of recipes, hero of hops, king of the cask….OK, you get it!

Said Jon: “.........