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About Lakeland Brewhouse

The Lakeland Brewhouse (formerly Stringers Beer) is based in the South Lakeland market town of Ulverston. It all started with our Head Brewer Jon Kyme, a man with a passion, and since 2008 we have been creating a variety of real ales which have become popular with beer aficionados and occasional drinkers

Managing Director Kirsty Ridge acquired the brewery in 2018, and now the female owned brewery's ales can be found across the North. We Combine the best of traditional and modern brewing techniques, using Lakeland water and the best quality ingredients, to ensure we always produce 100% proper beer. Brewing from uur 100% renewably powered brewhouse, and committed to sustainability, saving the planet has never tasted so good.
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Our vision is to be one of the UK's leading environmentally friendly brewers of crafted real ales.

Crafted using Lakeland water and the best of ingredients, we provide outstanding, ever changing beers, at the forefront of taste in the ever-growing beer industry.

We are continually striving to create the highest standing of working environment, and a friendly welcome to our brewhouse.


  • Environmentally conscious brewhouse
  • Quality assured beer crafted using Lakeland Water & High Quality Hops 
  • Always 100% properly brewed, small batch beer
  • Always Investing in our people, and being committed to providing a excellent working environment.
  • Ensuring our customers, suppliers and visitors receive a warm, friendly welcome to our Brewhouse In Ulverston 


We are passionate about helping tackle climate change and we are proud to partner with Ecologi. By investing in offsetting our carbon now and in the future, we are encouraging change for the better, and for beer-lovers to be enjoying our beers for generations to come. We also offset the carbon footprint of all of our employees to allow us to have a completely climate positive workforce! For more information on the projects we are involved in, please visit www.ecologi.com/lakelandbrewhouse

What people think?

We have been dealing with Stringers since Lakeland Inns took the brewery over. The customer service is excellent and the team is always really helpful. We are a business which sells real ales, so they are a good fit for us. The gluten-free beers are particularly popular.

Michelle Wood, General Manager, The Mill, Ulverston

What people think?

I would definitely recommend Stringers. We have served their ales for a number of years and they are always very popular. We try to get them in at least twice a month. The team is very good to deal with.

Johan Pretorious, Manager, The Wainwright, Keswick

What people think?

The fact we order Stringers speaks volumes. We serve what our customers enjoy, we always like to try something different and Stringers ale always gets a very good reception.

Andy McMaster, Proprietor, The Middle Ruddings Country Inn, Braithwaite

What people think?

The staff at Stringers are great and are always on call to deliver. We’ve been dealing with them for a number of years now. Their beers always go down very well with our customers and we always have one on tap.

James Walker, Manager, The Kings Head, Ravenstonedale